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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)



From DARS to TWC: 

As of September 1st, 2016 the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) was transferred to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).



“To work in partnership with Texans with disabilities to assist them in achieving their goals of employment, living independently and eliminating barriers to communication and community access.” 


About TWC: 

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services department of TWC provides services for adults, youth and students with physical or cognitive disabilities, including blindness and visual impairment.


A few of the services TWC offers are labor law (which informs you on your rights as an employer or an employee), vocational rehabilitation, and open records. Other services include childcare, transportation, veterans' services, career planning, discrimination complaints, unemployment benefits, job search, job fairs, lawyer services, housing, and a computer center. They offer many classes on resume writing, SNAP orientation (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), TANF orientation (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), job training, and GED.  


Who the Service is For          

Overview of the Service                          

Vocational Rehabilitation for Adults 

Provides services that help prepare adults with disabilities to obtain a job, and keep or advance in a job currently obtained.

Vocational Rehabilitation for Youth and Students 

Provides services for youth and students with disabilities that help prepare them through transition into post-secondary life.

Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center 

Specifically helps adults who are legally blind into finding a job, attending a college or job training program, and living independently.

Business Enterprises of Texas 


Services those who are legally blind who wish to pursue a job in food services. They provide training to help prepare them for their chosen job focus.



General Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Anyone is eligible to apply for services through TWS but they must have medical documentation of their disability or health issue
  • Individuals with SSI are automatically eligible for services
  • Must be at least fourteen, but there is no age limit 
  • Some programs under TWC are dependent on income 



Eligibility for Services: 

Vocational Rehabilitation for Adults and Vocational Rehabilitation for Youth and Students

  •  Disability causes substantial barriers to employment, services to prepare for, receive, keep or advance in employment, and able to obtain, keep or advance in employment due to provided services
  • Many factors go into this process. For example, the investigation process for unemployment can take up to 6 weeks. 


Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center

  • To be eligible for services from the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center (CCRC), a person must be: Legally blind, age 18 or older (unless attending the Youth to Adult Program), proof of Texas residence, and referred for services by our Vocational Rehabilitation Services staff
  • To be eligible for acceptance, a person must be able to: Fully participate in an 8 hour training day, 5 days a week, manage daily hygiene and health and medication, attend classes and show progress, transfer skills from one setting to another, and behave in socially appropriate ways and show cooperative living skills in adult residences


Business Enterprises of Texas 

  • TWC Vocational Rehabilitation staff must refer the person for them to be eligible for BET
  • A person could be eligible for services if the person is: legally blind according to federal standards, a U.S. citizen residing in Texas, 18 or older, a high school graduate or holder of a GED, and in good general health and have current eye and physical examination records.   



Services available during transition planning:  

  • Occasional bus ticket
  • School books
  • School tuition (this one is vary rare but can be provided)  
  • BVCIL - transportation
  • Modifications for transportation
  • Job training, testing, etc.
  • Equipment such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, ramps, etc. 
  • Career and Education Planning Services (college planning, resume building, etc.)  
  • Medicaid and Medicare assistance
  • Job Search and exploration including vocational counseling and guidance
  • Counseling in post-secondary opportunities like college or vocational schools 
  • Training and education opportunities such as apprenticeships, internships, and dual credit programs  
  • Training in self-advocacy and social skills 
  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • Supported employment
  • Vocational adjustment training
  • Therapy to address specific disabilities
  • H.Y.P.E
  • Child Care 



How to Access Services: 

Application process for Adults and Youth and Students:

  • Contact your Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Services office or TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Inquiries.
    • Local location: 4021 E 29th Street Suite 1114
    • Hours for this location are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM 
  • Submit an application for services. Most application can be completed online. 
  • Receive an eligibility determination from your TWC vocational rehabilitation counselor, usually within 60 days from the date of the application.
  • If there is a local office, the individual can meet with a counselor to learn more and discuss options and/or application process.  


If eligible:

  • Complete vocational and other assessments at your counselor’s request.
  • Work with your vocational rehabilitation counselor to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) within 90 days from eligibility which includes your employment goal and approved services.
  • Receive training and services included on the IPE from your counselor or a provider.


Apply for Criss Cole Rehabilitation  

If a person is are blind and not receiving our vocational rehabilitation services, he or she can call the CCRC Admissions Office at 512-377-0300 to request more information about receiving services, or use one of the options below.

  • Call: TWC Vocational Rehabilitation General Inquiries:  800-628-5115
  • Email: CCRC.Admissions@dars.state.tx.us  


If a person is legally blind and currently receiving our vocational rehabilitation services, he or she can request referral to CCRC contact your local Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocation Rehabilitation: Blind Services office.


Who to Contact at TWC

In College Station, Janis East works for TWC and students, at the high school level, in the Bryan/College Station area. She helps connect students with services through TWC. 


For more information, or to find

the nearest TWC office contact:

Phone number: 800-628-5115

Email: customers@twc.state.tx.us.

 Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center Call: 512-377-0300

Vocational Rehabilitation Services: 800-628-5115


Bryan/College Station Office:

4021 E 29th Street Suite 1114

Bryan, TX 77840 


Directory of Workforce Solutions Offices & Services:


To locate the services nearest you.


Main Website:



 State Office: 

4800 N. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78756


The Texas Workforce Commission is an equal

opportunity employer and

service provider.

















C. Stark, Personal Communication, November 16, 2016. - Personal Interview 


V. Herrera, Vocational Rehabilitation Services Counselor, November 9, 2017. - Personal Interview   

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